Do you own commercial, income producing real estate and need some cash? Are you a sub-prime borrower that is having difficulty getting a loan from traditional institutional lenders? Do you need to close and get funded on a loan quickly and do not have time to wait on loan committees and corporate bureaucracy? Well, if so, Monticello Lending is here to help.

Monticello Lending is a private direct money lender that finances commercial income producing properties, whether for purchase, refinance or refinance with a cash-out. If you have a commercial real estate property and you need money Monticello Lending is for you. The management of Monticello Lending is comprised of real estate veterans with backgrounds in all sectors of the real estate business including ownership, operations, management, lending, legal and disposition. We will utilize our combined 60+ years of experience to expeditiously underwrite and fund loans quickly. We will use this experience to underwrite loans based more on the value of the asset from the standpoint of a real estate owner/operator than on the borrower’s balance sheet, meaning that we are an asset based lender.  Our goal is to move the lender along as quickly as possible from initial contact to funding. We will be able to provide a term sheet usually within 24 hours of initial contact and since we are private we do not have to follow the corporate or banking chain of command and can move quickly to get to the closing and funding of the loan. There will be no waiting for the next loan committee meeting or corporate approval and the process will be totally transparent to the borrower.

Whenever you have a customer, acquaintance or contact that has that loan that just does not fit into the traditional institutional lending box please keep us in mind. We will close the loans that others cannot, or will not, and no amount is too small or too large for us to consider.

Please feel free to contact us at:

William Cowan
Monticello Lending
1314 Lake Street, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX  76102